South Kensington, London, 2014

The property is a two storey maisonette, on the top floor of a Grade II listed purpose built block, located within the Kensington Court Conservation Area and built to designs by John James Stevenson in the 1880's in red brick Queen Anne style.

With the majority of the original fabric erased in the early 1980s, the existing non-original layout at both floor levels is being de-cluttered of all unsympathetic features and additions and renovated to achieve a modern interior with minimal details. Working in close dialogue with the RBKC’s Conservation Department, a design approach more sympathetic with the restrained aesthetic typical of the upper levels of this type of building was adopted.

The overall arrangement of the rooms has been maintained and adapted to the requirements of the new owners, with the main intervention in the living quarter on the upper floor where overhead windows are inserted in the Conservatory extension to improve natural ventilation and introduce zenithal light. A glass stair balustrade and a contemporary hole-in-the-wall fireplace complete the space.

PRIVATE APARTMENT, KENSINGTON COURT  - South Kensington, London, 2014