Putney, London, Completion Autumn 2016

The refurbishment of a small flat located on the middle floor of a 1930s block, originally designed with elements borrowed Art Deco vocabulary, offers the opportunity to exploit the original layout where private quarters, located at the back, are kept separate from the public ones at the front. Furthermore the design strives to explore and reconcile the relationship between the state of day and night.

The installation of a mist suppression system allows the removal of unwanted enclosures and creates an open plan layout that can be accessed directly via the front door by way of eliminating the entrance lobby. The latter is imaginatively relocated to set the boundaries between living and sleeping quarters. The significance of this transfer is reinforced as the entrance lobby becomes the open space's main focus and its central feature and incorporates hidden doors that lead to spaces that are more intimate.

A black woven floor is laid in a herringbone pattern to establish the foundation onto which the various elements of the design can be arranged. Colours, materials, textures and finishes are carefully selected to create a rich and sophisticated tonal palette that references the Art Deco era with Lava Stone, Portoro and Carrara marbles used along with continuous areas of satin spray lacquered surfaces and satin brass accents.

APARTMENT IN WELLWOOD COURT  - Putney, London, Completion Autumn 2016