Dulwich, London, completion Spring 2017

The challenge for this project was to model the extension in such a way that it would blend in with the original building and its first extension while, at the same time, read as a piece of architecture in its own right and assert its presence as the final stage marking the evolution of the building as a whole.
In order to connect old and new, the side extension is extruded further into the garden, reversed and then stretched the full width of the plot. The resulting asymmetry is accentuated by shifting a large opening to one side and by resolving the transition between rear and flank planes with a concrete elbow framing an opaque glazed aperture. 
Internally the reconfigured living space makes explicit the sequence of extensions by expressing downstand beams that enclose areas of flat ceilings and by accentuating the asymmetric roof shape of the latest addition.
The result is an architecture that does not conceal but rather champions its evolution as the outcome of the building's natural growing process and that manifests itself inside for what it is externally. In addition the space is enriched and modulated by opening up the building shell to capture light from varied directions.

COURT LANE  - Dulwich, London, completion Spring 2017