Notting Hill, London, 2020

A modern mews house in the sought after neighbourhood of London’s Notting Hill.  Built in the mid 80s with traditional looking details and materials the house is transformed to create a contemporary family home.

The under-used garage space provides the opportunity for the clients to re-imagine the compact footprint of the ground floor while concurrently addressing the hierarchy of the upper levels.

The vision for the design draws from experience acquired while redesigning a nearby three-level maisonette, albeit with fresher thinking and different aesthetics that required a new set of principles to inform the design process.

The absence of historical features meant that the new layout could be freely reimagined as a series of connected spaces. By revealing the roof voids, the rooms with the highest ceilings on the upper floor offer the opportunity to create an enfilade of volumes and to introduce unusual zenithal light.

The subtle palette of materials employed is dominated by different level of texture. A light herringbone floor is employed to bring together the design and three dimensional ceramic tiles which used strategically add interest to the composition.

MEWS HOUSE IN NOTTING HILL  - Notting Hill, London, 2020