Bayswater, London, 2018

Tucked away behind the mansion blocks on Bayswater Road overlooking Kensington Gardens, the two-storey corner Mews House is located within the Bayswater Conservation Area and in a quiet residential district of central London.
The clients, who had begun renovation works before obtaining permission to convert the garage into additional habitable space, commissioned FPArchitects to create a new design and to oversee the refurbishment project. 
Minimal interventions to the exterior are directed at harmonising the façades.
Internally, FPArchitects have removed all solid elements to create a bright open-plan layout that allows natural light to filter through the space, enabling the contemporary architectural staircase to take centre stage.
The design is conceived by referencing the forms of large harps - quite heavy and resting on the floor -, its gradient inspired by the playing range - from C1 to G7 -, when drawn on music sheet. Is fabricated using industrial folded hot rolled steel sheets with elongated steel rods as spindles and it is a literal interpretation of the stringed instrument. Its transparency allows better visual connections, transversal views across the space and glimpses of the surrounding neighbourhood.
Flooring materials with subtle colour variations, textured burnt veneer and rich Moroccan fine plaster, contribute to achieve a luxurious yet sombre contemporary home design to fit within a historic area.

STRING MEWS HOUSE  - Bayswater, London, 2018