Brixton, London, 2020

The project sets out to extend and remodel the small footprint of a Victorian terrace located in a quiet residential street in the South West London district of Brixton for a growing young professional family.

The scope to reconfigure the traditional London butterfly roof to create additional living space together with a significant reinterpretation of the ground floor layout offers the opportunity to investigate and celebrate the domesticity of urban life.

The design of the mansard requires the additional volume to adhere to strict guidelines thus leaving little room for creativity and innovation and therefore the architecture is focused on developing an original permutation of the new garden façade.

Roman bricks, much longer in shape than London Stock, are used in an alternate pattern to create a ribbed rhythmical elevation. The three dimensional pattern becomes a recurrent decorative theme repeated throughout the terrace with an original mix of forms, colours and materials.

The Ground floor is imagined as a generous family room with the garden an extension of it while the dual-aspect mansard, with generously high ceilings, becomes a space for the grown ups to retire and a place for quiet and contemplation.

THE RIBS HOUSE  - Brixton, London, 2020