Family grave, Italy, 2011

„ … musicians everywhere make their sounds to capture silence or architects develop complex shapes just to envelop empty space.“ Charles Moore’s citation clarifies and summarises the way of dealing with this singular brief: a family grave in an isolated country cemetery.
A three-graves-high monument in sand tinted cast concrete – with the outer skin sand blasted to reveal the texture of the aggregates - emerges from a podium of the same material. As a spiral - whose curves constantly increase in circling around a central point – the concrete plate is harmoniously and proportionally folded to enclose a protected space; central to the composition, it becomes a place for contemplation where one can re-assess oneself. The square – and the circle contained within it – is the module that organizes the entire structure.
Zenithal light enters the inner chamber-like space through a cut-out section of roof that casts shadows over the smooth interior polished surface of Arabescato marble on one side and of polished concrete on the other.
Both in plan and in elevation, the pin wheel arrangement is conceived to pull away from the center, with the podium, the bench and the back wall branching out to engage with the landscape and aspiring to what lies beyond.
A reflective pool of slowly moving water, humble in size, symbolizes the inevitable passing of life on earth.

NAUTILUS, ENCLOSED SPACE 3  - Family grave, Italy, 2011