Location undisclosed, Italy, 2006

In FPA’s second project to exploit the concept of manipulating a basic shape to generate a form that encloses an empty space, the brief called for the investigation of unanswered questions, one of which was the untimely departure of a young man and how to both honour and celebrate his memory.
The light that in Catholicism symbolizes faith, is the catalyst for the design and organizes the composition and becomes central to it. Within its compact size, the design intends to re-interpret the traditional headstone used in this area, a vertical marble or stone piece mounted at 90o to a flat slab. An oblong shape is folded four times until the manipulation of the material produces a fracture; the effect is a dark chamber that encapsulates a small luminaire - chosen for its warm orange glow against the dark walls of the hollow - that appears to float above an oversized flat slab. Life and death are alluded to in the use of deep brown veined stone resting on the surface of chalky Biancone marble, in an apparent contradictory relationship.
A cross is suggested by means of perpendicular incisions on one exterior face of the box-like headstone; the division generates fields where letters in bas-relief are carved; as the headstone lies under the canopies of mature coniferous trees, indentations and grooves become receptacles where dust and grime collect in an effort to produce the illusion of the passing of time: it is the commemorative attempt to create “… the colours and the sheen that call to mind the past that made them” and to honour an aesthetics of the imperfect.

LAPIDE, ENCLOSED SPACE 2  - Location undisclosed, Italy, 2006