The proposal for the renovation of a small apartment on the third floor of a 1980s block in the hearth of Fitzrovia sets out to wipe out the original layout and update its configuration to suit the requirements of the new owner. The challenge was to incorporate an ambitious brief within the limited space of 48 sqm.

A narrow entrance corridor is sandwiched between integrated storage and a pod that houses Utility functions on one side and the Kitchen on the side opposite and leads to a large open space Living Area that can be separated by means of full height pivoting doors. This is the starting point of an imaginary interior circulation route that guides one to the terrace via the sleeping quarter and which is distributed with singularities that enrich the quality of the journey through the small apartment.

Alternating the qualities of each space further augments the degree of variation within such a confined space.

The materials have been selected to complement each other and to create a homogenous living environment where grey concrete tiles are juxtaposed to spray lacquered vertical surfaces and the walnut kitchen counter is contrasted with a glass splashback.

In addition, the services of the apartment have been upgraded and the space has been fully insulated to improve its sound performance.




Fitzrovia, London


Completed, 2014

Floor Area:

48 sqm


Gianluca Maver