Located in the vicinity of the Imperial War Museum, the flat – on the ground floor of a 3-storey Victorian mid terrace – had been unsympathetically re-developed in recent times by previous owners.

FPA were appointed to modernize the flat without altering the layout.

The intent was to emphasise the function of each space and the clear distinction between ‚night zone‘ at the front and ‚living areas‘ at the rear.

The simple steps taken – widening the opening between kitchen/diner and living room, de-cluttering all the unnecessary ornamentation, removing unoriginal details, and stripping out redundant storage – are aimed at creating a ‘whiter’ canvas that the architect can now use to transform the sense of the space.

While the master bedroom is fitted with new storage finished in emulsion paint to blend with the walls, the bathroom is re-fitted and the entire ‘night’ zone has new plywood oversized tiles, laid in a staggered pattern to unify the area and augment the flowing of the space.

The now open space kitchen/dining/living has a plaster ribbon-like low shelf – designed to hide structural oddities – with bookshelves on either sides and a flush stone inset with an eco fireplace that become the focal point of the space with the highest ceiling.

The design is complemented by Aalto tables, chairs and stools and a limited choice of selected furniture and luminaries.




Kennington, London


Completed, 2011

Floor Area:

58 sqm


Piergiorgio Borgia